March Traffic Report

March Traffic Report |

The month of March had its ups and downs when it came to traffic on my blog. I hit the ground running with what I learned from February. However, as mentioned in my last post, the end of the month took its toll on me. I didn’t make a new post for about two weeks and I stopped promoting the blog altogether. Looking at my stats now though, I’m realizing my traffic didn’t go down as much as I thought it did.

Traffic Stats

March Traffic

My traffic was pretty steady throughout the month. I had 1501 page views (+352 compared to February), with 773 of those being unique page views (+191). I used almost the same techniques as February – Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards, Twitter.

My top 3 posts were:

  1. March Cross Stitch Challenge
  2. What I Learned in One Month of Blogging
  3. Friday Favourites

One thing I did a bit differently was I signed up for a free 30 trial of Boardbooster. I had heard many good things about Boardbooster so for March I decided to give it a go. Since it was free anyways. I had a campaign set up to pin to group boards everyday. I saw a jump in clicks to the website from Pinterest because of Boardbooster. From 78 sessions in February, I got 143 sessions from Pinterest alone in March.

Social Media Update

Based off my numbers in my last blog report, here’s how I progressed in terms of social media:

Facebook page – 35 likes (same)
Pinterest – 153 followers (+15)
Twitter – 438 followers (+8)
Personal Instagram – 339 (+34)
Craft Instagram – 287 (+67)

Again, my Pinterest following grew thanks to Boardbooster. However since my trial ended earlier this week, I’ll have to go back to manually pinning my pins to group boards. On Twitter, my following bounces up and down as I’m not always active. Same goes for my personal Instagram account. Because of Facebook groups, I had followed a bunch of new users so my following was actually more than 350. However I recently decided to unfollow some accounts because I had no interest in what they were posting and they weren’t exactly engaging with me either. Therefore they unfollowed me back bringing my follower count down.

My biggest following was on my craft Instagram, where I post my cross stitch. I use hashtags pretty heavily to get my pictures out there. I also have some accounts with significantly big followings following me. I tried posting one picture a day for a week and my stats went through the roof. It was overwhelming because I posted one picture with a lengthy caption and zero hashtags, yet the picture gained 177 likes. Can’t say for sure but I’m thinking maybe the picture somehow made its way on the Explore page, which is really exciting.

Goals for April

This month, I’m hoping to finally break that 1000 unique page view mark. Also I know I’ve tried to brand this blog as a “craft and beauty blog.” I have the craft side of it covered, but the beauty part has taken a bit of a backseat. In April I hope to change that and balance it out. I have some fun posts planned coming up.

One thing that I don’t have fully covered yet is my email list. I’m reading all these resources about why you need an email following and how to grow, but it’s one thing I’m still working on. This month I hope to grow at least a little bit.

Speaking of which, see that bar at the top? Feel free to join my list!

For social media, I hope to grow my Facebook page the most. It’s mainly a page for my cross stitch, but hopefully I can turn it around to promote my blog as well. For the other networks, I plan to get back into the habit of posting regularly on everything and to grow with at least 20 followers on each.

March Traffic Report |

And that’s all for this month’s report! What are your goals for April?

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