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November 2016


    Makeup Haul Fall 2016

    Makeup Fall 2016 Haul |

    I realize that if I don’t make the time to write here, this will never take off. So here I am with blog post #3. If you know me, you know that I love makeup. Sephora had its 20% off VIB sale last weekend and my order came in a few days ago, so I’m going to share my first (and most definitely not the last) haul post!

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    Cross Stitching: Tips for Beginners

    Cross Stitching Do's and Don'ts |

    A little over six months ago, I took up the hobby of cross stitching. I had a couple friends who had crafty hobbies (knitting, perlers, etc.) and I was inspired to take up something crafty myself. So I started cross stitching. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Youtube looking up tutorials. Since March, I’ve stitched up about 25 pieces and I’ve learned something new with almost every single one. Feel free to check out my finished work on Instagram. While there is still plenty to learn, here I am going to share some things I wish I knew when I started cross stitching.

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