Top 5 ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Episodes + 2 FREE Phone Wallpapers

Top 5 How I Met Your Mother Episodes + FREE Phone Wallpapers |

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d take a look back at one of my favourite TV shows – How I Met Your Mother. The show focuses on Ted Mosby who tells his son and daughter the story of how he met their mother. Ted recounts all the stories of his friends (Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney) and past girlfriends. The show had everything in it – comedy, drama, and definitely romance.

In this post, I’ll share my top 5 favourite episodes, in no particular order. Picking from 9 seasons was no easy task. If you’ve never watched the show (or never finished the series, in which case what are you waiting for?!), this is your warning that this post contains spoilers.

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And without further ado, here are my favourite episodes:

Slap Bet (Season 2, EP 9)

I’m sure a lot of fans of the show will consider this episode one of their favourites. Robin tells the group that she is afraid of malls. Throughout the episode, the group tries to figure out why she is. Barney believes Robin used to be a porn star at a mall. Marshall believes Robin got married in a mall. They up their stakes by betting on it. But not just any bet – a slap bet. Whoever is right gets to slap the other person in the face as hard as they can. Barney and Marshall both try to prove they’re right. They both prematurely slap each other. Why was Robin scared of malls? Robin was a teenage pop star in Canada. Her biggest hit was called “Let’s Go To The Mall.” She spent a year touring Canada singing the song in malls. As for the slap bet, Barney prematurely slapped Marshall. So as punishment, Lily (the “Slap Bet Commissioner”) gives Barney the option of receiving 10 slaps at the very moment or getting 5 slaps anytime between now and the end of eternity. Barney chooses the 5 slaps, all of which are given starting in this episode stretching all the way out until the ninth season.

Something Borrowed (Season 2, EP 21)

Lily and Marshall get married in the Season 2 finale. At first, they plan out their wedding to be simple and small, but it ends up becoming a big ceremony. The big day comes and everything goes wrong. Lily’s ex-boyfriend shows up, their harp player is about to give birth, the flowers won’t arrive until during the ceremony, Lily’s veil gets run over in the parking lot, and Marshall dyes his hair and gives himself a bad haircut while trying to fix it. Right before the ceremony, the group ends up outside, where Ted has the idea to have their own intimate ceremony right then and there. Barney officiates the wedding. Their little ceremony is beautiful. They still have their second ceremony in front of their family, however they will have their “first” wedding to look back on.

Ten Sessions (Season 3, EP 13)

Earlier in Season 3, Ted finds himself with a butterfly tramp stamp tattoo as the result of one drunken night. He gets it removed by visiting a doctor named Stella for ten sessions. Ted develops feelings for Stella. However she won’t go out with him because:
A) she’s not allowed to because he’s her patient
B) she’s a busy doctor who’s also a single mother so she doesn’t have time to date
However Ted stays persistent. Ted takes Stella on a 2-minute date after their sessions are over (the exact amount of time she has for her lunch break). The date includes everything from lunch, a movie and coffee with dessert. It’s probably the most romantic thing Ted has done on the show. Bonus: Britney Spears guest stars as Stella’s receptionist.

Something New (Season 8, EP 24)

Season 8 ends with everyone en route to Farhampton for Barney and Robin’s wedding. The main reason I’m including this episode on this list is for one scene. (Again, spoilers if you haven’t watched it.) In the last scene of the episode, we finally see the Mother’s face. Up until this point, we had only seen parts of her: her ankle, the back of her head. Seeing her face for the first time shows that the end is near. Ted is that much closer to meeting the love of his life. Not sure about you but I totally freaked out when I saw her face. It was a total “YOU GUYS IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!” moment for me.

How Your Mother Met Me (Season 9, EP 16)

This episode is unique in that, with the exception of one other episode in the series, the storyline focuses on someone else other than Ted. We learn about the Mother, and her years had leading up to meeting Ted. She meets some familiar characters that Ted and his friends encounter, such as Mitch (aka the Naked Man) and Cindy (who becomes her roommate and Ted also dates her). The Mother had her own hardships when it came to love. Her boyfriend Max dies on her 21st birthday. It takes her a long time before she gets back in the dating game. She only dates one other man before she meets Ted. At the end of the episode, we see the Mother at the Farhampton Inn because her band is playing at Barney and Robin’s wedding. The Mother’s room is beside Ted’s. Ted listens to the Mother sing for the first time.
BONUS: Okay I couldn’t cap myself at five episodes. I just had to include these next two.

Slapsgiving (Season 3, EP 9)

Remember the Slap Bet that I talked about earlier? The group’s first Thanksgiving together is coming up.  Or as Marshall names it, “Slapsgiving.” Marshall creates an online countdown showing the next time Barney will be slapped. There’s some chaos and drama surrounding the holiday, such as Ted and Robin dealing with each other now that they are exes. Lily (as Slap Bet Commissioner) decides that there will be no slaps to keep the peace. Barney rubs it in Marshall’s face to the extreme, leading Lily to rebuke her ruling and lets Marshall slap him anyway. To top it off, Marshall prepars a hilarious song to commemorate the holiday.

Coming Back (Season 9, EP 2)

Last but not least. This episode had its high points. Lily starts to pay bartender Linus to always put a new alcoholic beverage in her hand whenever her drink is empty (“Thank you Linus”). But my favourite part of this episode is when we see Ted and the Mother interact for the first time (through a flash forward). As much as I love Ted with some of his past girlfriends, I love Ted and the Mother just as much. They just fit so perfectly together. I was so happy to finally see Ted happy.

There you have it, my favourite episodes! Did you watch How I Met Your Mother? What were your favourite episodes?

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Top 5 How I Met Your Mother Episodes + FREE Phone Wallpapers |
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