March Cross Stitch Challenge

March Cross Stitch Challenge |

A little bit overdue, but here it is: an update on the cross stitch challenge I set up for myself.

In February, I planned to do 2 pieces. One was for an art trade. The second was a small piece that I started a while back but never finished.

This is what the first piece looks like:

March Cross Stitch Challenge |

(The pattern is from here)

I’m really proud of how it turned out. At first, I was a bit worried that the trade wouldn’t be fair because I was trading with an artist who does drawings and paintings. However, I received his paintings earlier this week and they are a pretty decent size. I’m happy with what I got in return.

That being said, I don’t think I’ll be doing any more art trades in the future. Of course, I’d be willing to make exceptions, however, what I’m getting in return has to be fair to what I’m making. I love getting art from fellow creatives. Cross stitch is very time consuming and I feel like it’s not always fair to get a painting/drawing back that was made in an hour, when my work sometimes takes weeks to complete.

My second piece for February is a Mario/Yoshi cross stitch. Admittedly I still haven’t finished it yet… But that’s because I have other commissions¬†lined up that are actually being paid for. I’d rather have those done sooner than later.

March Cross Stitch Challenge |

March’s Cross Stitch Challenge

For March, I have a Mario and Princess Peach commission that I’ve started on. I’m about halfway done. Here’s my current progress:

March Cross Stitch Challenge |

I also have a Pokemon commission lined up for after that. That will be started near the end of the month (before April starts for sure) I aim to have that one done for early April.

March Cross Stitch Challenge |

As always, follow me on Instagram @kathleenxcrafts for progress on my cross stitches!

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