What I Learned In Six Years of Blogging

What I Learned in Six Years of Blogging |

A big thank you to Rhys from Lord Libidan for writing this guest blog post!

Back in February, Kathleen posted what she’d learned in one month of blogging and she went over a lot of the key areas of blogging. However, having started my modern cross stitch blog half a decade ago, she’s on the right track, but there are a few tips that have really helped me along the way to the point where I was able to launch a marketing blog too.

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Having a SEO plan

Throwing abbreviations around already might seem a little strong, but without actually knowing it, when your write a blog, regardless of what your aims are, you’re doing SEO. This is the act of making sure your blog gets higher up the Google search pages.
Your plan doesn’t have to be fancy, in fact, it only really needs to contain four things:

  • What are you going to write?
  • When are you going to write it?
  • How are you going to get it out so people can see it?
  • How are you going to get people into your site?

We’ll go into more detail about most of these in this post, but the first ‘what are you going to write?’ is a simple one; whatever you want your blog to be about. But stick with it. Having a dress making blog and then putting up a post about fishing will confuse everyone, and make your rankings drop. Make sure that every time you post, it fits your overall theme.

Write WAY ahead of time

Once you know what you’re going to write, you need to write it. Sometimes this takes a few minutes, it can take up to a few hours, but regardless, you make a post, you post it, and move on. Right?
Making sure you always make a new post on a set schedule firstly makes it much easier on you (trust me), but also allows your followers to know when they’re getting more content, and to know that you’re not forgetting them. But my biggest tip of all, is to write well ahead of time. You might have loads of time on your hands when first starting a blog, but what happens if you get a new job, you’re ill one week, or on holiday? As a result you should try to write enough content that if the worst happens, your site can carry on without you for a month.

Develop your social

So you’ve written something, and you know when its going out, but how is it going out? And who’s going to spread it? This is something Kathleen has got super on point, and features it on her monthly traffic reports. You need a large volume of people to get your content out to, and in turn they’re share it.

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Now this can be hard, and happens organically over time. However, there are a few tips that can really help here. Nextscripts is a fantastic wordpress plugin that allows you post to loads of social media accounts at once, including things such as StumbleUpon, Tumblr and reddit. This jump in social get loads of views quickly, and gets your content out there.

Get backlinks

Finally we get onto the part of SEO that no one really likes; getting backlinks. Now, whilst I said no one likes doing this, actually everyone does, they just don’t know they’re doing it. When you go to a friend’s blog, go to a forum, post on reddit, comment on a website, you’re getting recognition for your name, and you’ve getting a link back to your site. This promotion is gold dust.


Finally, a thing every blogger should do as a matter of daily activity; learn. Blogging has been around for ages, but the details of it change constantly, and as a result you need to be on top of it in order to be successful.
You can do this in two ways, either taking courses like these digital marketing certifications, or you can keep up to date with blogs such as Moz which make daily posts, and weekly videos.

However, there is one thing that’s far more important than anything else when it comes to blogging; have fun.

What I Learned in Six Years of Blogging |
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