April Traffic Report

April Traffic Report |

April showers bring May… well, it’s actually been raining a lot more in May over here, haha.

The month of April had more ups than downs in terms of traffic. However, I was contacted to write my very first guest post! Click here to read how cross stitch helps me de-stress. In turn, I had my first feature post on here about blogging. I’m definitely looking forward to doing more guest posts in the future.

April Traffic Stats

April Traffic Report |

Thanks to being busy with work, as well as being out of the city for 3 days (you can see the exact dip right in the middle of the month), my stats weren’t as impressive this month. I finished April with 1120 page views (-381 compared to March). Of that number, 587 were unique page views, which is down -186 compared to March.

My main focus was using Facebook groups, Twitter and Pinterest group boards to help drive traffic. As mentioned in my March Traffic Report, I used Boardbooster in March for Pinterest. I stopped using Boardbooster after the 30 day free trial was over. My Pinterest traffic took a hit, dropping down to 10 sessions for the month compared to 143 from March.

My top 3 posts of the month were:

  1. March Traffic Report
  2. March Cross Stitch Challenge
  3. Girlactik Beauty: Review + Swatches

Social Media Check-In

Facebook page – 48 likes (+13)
Pinterest – 157 followers (+4)
Twitter – 456 followers (+18)
Personal Instagram – 339 followers (-8)
Craft Instagram – 311 followers (+24)

As mentioned above, not having Boardbooster anymore for Pinterest meant taking a hit in my traffic as well as my followers. I didn’t put as much effort into Pinterest as I did at the beginning.

However, I was able to grow my other accounts. I put a bit more emphasis on Twitter. I used to use Twitter very actively a few years back, but I’ve since stopped using my account. Now I’m trying to get back into it. It’s been a rough battle but so far so good.

My cross stitch/craft Instagram had the biggest growth. This was actually the same as last month. I feel like having an actual product to promote makes it easier to grow your account organically through hashtags and simply following similar accounts.

Goals for May

I’m aware half the month is almost done as I write this. BUT I think it’s still worth writing down my goals. In May, I want to continue growing my Facebook and craft Instagram accounts. If you’re still reading this, I may or may not hold a cross stitch giveaway on one of those accounts in the near future. Spread the word!

I started using Stumbleupon a few days ago. I’m still getting the hang of it. I’m hoping to be able to use it as another source of traffic.

What are your goals for the month? Let me know in the comments!

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