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June 2017


    June Blog Update

    June Blog Update

    I’ve taken the past couple weeks to take a small break from writing and blogging. I found myself thinking of the blog as a chore. I lost the will to write – I was losing interest in the topics I was writing about. But now it’s June, and I’m thinking I’m going to make some changes around here.

    From this point forward, the blog will have more of a lifestyle focus, specifically Toronto lifestyle. This summer I plan to do plenty of things in and around the city. So, now I’ll write about the things I do as they come up – the food I eat, the sights I see, the places I go, the food I eat (did I mention that already?).

    In case you didn’t know, I’m a total foodie

    This June, I’ll be going to Taste of Toronto and Taco Fest. Last weekend I attended Brunch Fest and it was delicious! I’ll be taking plenty of pictures of everything I try.

    Something else that I will be doing is sharing any food recipes that I try at home. I already have a couple of things in mind that I want to write about (next post maybe?).

    I’m excited for this new blog direction. I can’t wait to share all of my adventures (food related or not) with you this summer!