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    Beauty Travel Essentials

    Beauty Travel Essentials |

    Over the past two months or so, I’ve done quite a bit of travelling and staying away from home (for more than I’m used to anyway). In mid-November, I went to Ottawa for a weekend. In early December, I went to California for a week. New Years Eve was spent in a hotel downtown, and I recently spent two days in Niagara Falls. One thing that I always pack with me is my makeup bag. Here are my beauty must haves whenever I go away.

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    The Happiest Place On Earth: My Week in California

    My Week in California |

    If you follow me on Instagram then you already know – I spent last week in California! I don’t even know where to begin in writing about my trip… but it was nothing short of magical. Having worked most of my summer and fall away, I thought, hey why not take a vacation? It’s about time I treat myself to some time off. A good friend of mine moved down there last year, and since I’ve never been to California (or any of the west coast really), this turned out to be the perfect opportunity to go visit her and explore.

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